Housing loans, 2.79% (EIR 3.10%) variable interest rate, up to 10-year repayment period!

  • Option to choose fixed interest rate for loans up to 15-year repayment period
Maximum loan amount in BAM Repayment period up to Interest rate (per annum) Effective interest rate 
In line with creditworthiness 10 years 2,79% variable or 3,29% fixed 3,10% or 3,61%
15 years 3,29% variable or 3,99% fixed 3,55% or 4,28%
30 years 3,79% variable 4,01%
Example of rounded annuities at a variable interest rate in BAM 10 years 15 years 30 years
80.000 765 564 372
100.000 956 705 465
120.000 1.147 846 558
150.000 1.434 1.057 698
200.000 1.912 1.409 931

Example of total costs paid by the client, which are included in the EIR calculation, at a variable interest rate, amount to BAM 32,421.58 for the loan amount of BAM 200,000 and a 10-year repayment period.

Housing loans are approved in BAM.

*Effective interest rate (EIR) is an interest rate that reflects all loan costs, including ordinary and intercalary interest calculated on the loan amount of BAM 200,000 and the maximum repayment period for housing loans, for clients who have a current account, with disbursement on the first day of the month. The calculation of EIR includes loan processing fees, credit account maintenance fees, insurance policy costs (real estate) and costs of other collateral instruments (promissory notes, pledge agreements and mortgage costs). For the calculation of EIR, the following amounts of costs of collateral instruments were taken into account, which are not defined by the Bank, rather they depend on the by-laws of authorized institutions: cost of promissory notes BAM 10, pledge consent notarization BAM 9.36, cost of necessary documents BAM 85, real estate value appraisal BAM 365, mortgage registration BAM 600, and real estate insurance premium BAM 50 per annum.

The Bank reserves the right to assess individually the possibility of approving the maximum loan amount and the maximum repayment period, depending on its internal rules.

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