Internet banking


Manage your money easily and efficiently!


What are the advantages of Internet banking?

Easy to use

Easy and simple – from navigation to payments

Budget rationalization

A clear insight and overview of your finances

Saves time and money

No more waiting in queues – the Bank is always at your disposal, anywhere in the world!



Our Internet banking service (e-ba) enables simple and efficient management of your money!

  • Instead of going to the branch and waiting in lines, the Bank is now at your hand with the online application, and you also have the opportunity to save an average of 80% on fees for paying bills and utilities compared to the bank counters.
  • With e-ba, in addition to reviewing account balances and transactions, you can easily and securely make transfers and payments in BiH, as well as payments abroad, use e-Bills (get your bills in digital forms, ready to be paid) and perform currency conversion.
  • After each payment is made, you can request a delivery of the payment confirmation to the desired e-mail address.
  • Secrecy and inviolability of accounts is ensured by the use of a security device - hardware or software based (on a mobile device) tokens, which are used to identify and confirm the execution of transactions via e-ba. Use the token when logging in to the application, using only a PIN known to you only, so there is no possibility of any unauthorized access to your accounts.

By signing up for our internet banking service, you also get a number of other functionalities such as contracting a standing order, and reviewing and changing the delivery method of your statements.


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