Savings for Children and Youth

Saving is an acquired habit. Encourage your child to manage money at an early age and ensure his/her safety in the future.

Super Štek - Super Hero of Junior Savings

Introduce your child to Super Štek - our superhero wearing a cape and watching over children's savings

Super Štek is a form of long-term savings deposit in EUR and/or BAM with a fixed interest rate, for the purpose of ensuring future financial needs of children and young people: education, sport, hobbies, traveling and the like.


  • You can open an account on behalf of a minor local private person (Account Holder) represented by his/her legal representative/guardian, and this account is used exclusively for payment of Super Štek saving deposits;
  • a junior's account is intended for all individuals below 15 years of age, while available term deposit periods are 36, 60, and 120 months;
  • the account remains open until the Account Holder reaches 18 years of age, after which he/she can transfer the existing account balance to another account with the Bank;
  • upon deposit period expiry, the funds of the savings deposit are at your disposal, including the accrued interest for the agreed deposit period;
  • we offer you attractive interest rates and long-term savings in BAM and/or EUR with an option of multiple payments with no minimum deposit limitations;
  • In case of premature withdrawal of Super Štek savings, the sight interest rate will be applied, valid as of the date of deposit canceling;
  • You can open a Super Štek term savings account in any branch office of the Bank;


  • copy of the Birth Certificate for minors (please submit the original for inspection);
  • copy of the Identity Card of the legal representative/guardian and original or copy of the Permanent Residence Certificate  (issued within previous 90 days) - please submit the original for inspection, of the legal representative/guardian (if the legal representative/guardian is a resident);
  • copy of the passport of the legal representative/guardian, verified by the relevant authority, as well as a certified translation of the passport when it is not possible to identify non-resident legal representative/guardian person with certainty;
  • for minors without parental care under the protection of a guardian, the relevant decision of the Social Work Center, which provides a proof of the guardian status;

With attractive interest rates, you are able to deposit money to the account on monthly basis in a very simple way:
  • by setting a standing order (automated transfer of the fixed amount of money from your account to your child's account);
  • via e-banking i m-banking
  • at UniCredit Bank branch offices.   
Regardless of the purpose - education, hobby or traveling - investing in the future of your child will be ensured with UniCredit Bank savings program.

Your mission will be made easier by Super Štek children's superhero, with his characteristic pattern around one eye, red pants, blue shirt and cape, who is always in the mood for savings, but in a fun way!

Please find below the list of interest rates valid as of 5/1/2017:


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