Banking on the Move

Are you always in a hurry? For your banking transactions, you just need a computer or mobile phone connected to the Internet. You do not have time to go to the Branch Office and pay your bills? Internet Banking (e-ba) and Mobile Banking (m-ba) save your precious time and money! You need cash urgently? We offer the most widespread ATM network in the market!

Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking (e-ba) service enables easy and efficient management of your money!

Instead of going to the Branch Office and queuing up, now you can have the Bank close at hand with the online application, and you are also able to save up to 80% in fees for payment of bills and utilities compared to payment at Bank counters.

With e-ba, in addition to checking account balances and transactions, in a simple and safe way you can make transfers and payments in B&H, as well as cross-border payments , set an e-payment order (predefined order for payment of utilities), and make currency conversion.

After each payment, you can request via e-ba application to receive the payment confirmation to the specified e-mail address.

Your account confidentiality is ensured by applying a safety device - token, either hardware or software (installed on a mobile device), which serves for identification and verification of  transactions executed via e-ba services. You use the token when signing in for the Application with a PIN known to you only, so that there is no possibility for any unauthorised access to your accounts.

By applying for our e-ba service, you get various other functionalities like setting a standing order, and checking or changing the method of account statement delivery.

Enjoy all advantages of our cutting-edge services and apply for e-ba service at UniCredit Bank Branch Offices.


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Mobile Banking

With Mobile Banking (m-ba) service on your mobile device, you have an instant, safe and simple access to your own finances whenever you want!

On a device which is constantly with you, you can check the account/card balance and transactions, as well as make payments, using this high-quality designed application with a user-friendly navigation that allows you to complete your transactions by just a few clicks.

Through UniCredit Bank Mobile Banking (m-ba), you are able to save up to 80% in payment fees compared to payments at Bank counters! With m-ba, you can pay your utilities and other bills in a safe and simple way, plus you can transfer money to any account you choose, set an e-payment order (predefined order for payment of utilities), find the nearest Branch Office or ATM, and make currency conversion between your accounts.

M-ba application is protected by the premium encryption, which ensures safety of your transactions. Furthermore, the application shuts down automatically after five minutes of idle time, whereas no crucial data relating to your accounts are stored in the mobile phone.  

Afford yourself a modern, simple and reliable Bank close at hand and apply now for our m-ba service in the nearest Branch Office of the Bank!

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Welcome to the largest ATM network in Bosnia and Herzegovina - UniCredit ATM network!

Our ATM network supports all card brands: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, Diners International, and Discover.

Our ATMs allow you to make easy cash withdrawals, check your current account balance, and buy prepaid tickets for mobile phones (!hej and ULTRA). In addition to cash withdrawals, UniCredit Bank Card Holders are enabled to make cash deposits to their current / transaction accounts in a part of the ATM network.

Use our ATMs and organise your time more efficiently!

Customer Support

We are aware that prompt and timely information, as well as our adequate response to each of your requests are the key to our successful and long-term cooperation. This is why we have introduced a toll-free telephone line (080 081 051), which allows you to:

  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Get and adequate support for using our e-services (e-ba and m-ba)
  • As a user of JES! Account Package, report an insured event to Mondial Assistance Insurance
  • Get all the information about our products and services, as well as channels for their distribution

Contact us, we are here for you!

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