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Cash Loans
Provides access to cash and financing of various purposes
Housing Loans
The loan for acquisition and adaptation of a residential real estate
Loans for Housing Construction Projects
Due to cooperation with apartment constructing investors, special lending terms and conditions have been provided.
Simple and instant access to extra cash at the moment you need it.
Credit Cards
To make your shopping easier and make your wishes come true with an instant crediting solution.

Products and services

We want to provide you our services available all the time and all over the world.
Bank at your hand!

Personal Account
By opening account you guarantee the safety of your funds, easy and simply access as well as managing through a network of branch offices and other distribution channels.
Jes! Account Package
Banking products and services are offered in one package - account, together with a number of non-banking benefits with more affordable prices.
Debit Cards
Internationally accepted payment cards, designed for purchase through the terminal card (POS terminals) at cash counters oulets and ATM cash withdrawals.
Banking on the move
Self-service banking is available to customers 24 hours, 7 days a week, which helps clients adapt to the new and rapid way of life.
Other services
Standing Order, Safe-deposit Boxes, Western Union


Saving is a good habit.

The funds kept in the savings account mitigate unplanned financial costs, provide peace of mind and take you a step closer towards achieving the desired goal.

Term deposits
The ideal way to achieve a balance between safety and profitability
Open savings
Raiseing funds in the savings account will reduce your unexpected costs, enabling peace of mind and take you one step closer to the desired goal!
Savings for Children and Youth
Encourage your child to manage the money form an early age and enable them to start a good future.

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