Card Operations

Simple and safe operating with funds at your transactional account with no space or time limits.

Visa Business Electron card

Simple and safe operating with funds at your transactional account with no space or time limits.

VISA Business Electron card is an internationally recognised payment card, which enables Card Holders to access their company's transactional account funds in a quick and easy way, regardless of their current location.

The card is issued free of charge - –and it enables to its card holders to make simpler, safer and better quality cash and cashless financial transactions with no space or time limits.

Card Benefits

The card enables:

  • Possibility to pay for goods and services in the country and abroad at points of sale that accept VISA payment cards
  • Cash withdrawal in the country and abroad
  • Buying GSM prepaid vouchers at all UniCredit Bank ATMs, as well as other banks' ATMs providing this service
  • Full cost control at any moment, via Internet banking or account statements

Additional benefits:

  • Possibility of limited access to funds on transactional accounts - recommended to business entities that have large amount of funds on their transaction account and want to limit their card holders with access to large amount of funds.

Tariff of Services and General Terms and Conditions

Business MasterCard

Flexibility in organising and full control of company's costs.

Business MasterCard is a credit card with pay-later option, enabling business entities to allocate their approved spending limit to several card holders according to business requirements. 

It is an internationally recognised card whose features follow global trends in servicing daily and travel costs of business entities.

Business entities can distribute their approved overall spending limit to several employees, whereas each such defined card holder is allowed to use his/her Business MasterCard for:

  • Purchase of goods and services up to 50-day interest-free deferred payment at all points of sale labeled by MasterCard, both in the country and abroad
  • Cash withdrawal up to 50-day interest-free deferred payment, both in the country and abroad
  • Buying GSM prepaid tickets at all UniCredit Bank ATMs, as well as other banks' ATMs providing this service

Card Special Benefits
  • There is a possibility to pay staff travel costs and any other operating costs at some later point
  • Receiving monthly cost specification for each card holder
  • Paying cross-border costs in BAM equivalent
  • Invoices may be booked as material operating costs

Tariff of Services and General Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Payment Cards

Acceptance of payment cards - possibility of contracting acceptance of payment cards at merchants point of sale.

The Bank provides EFT POS terminals for every merchant and to all of merchant’s points of sale, which enables acceptance of leading global card brands, regardless of their Issuing Bank and Country (MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron, American Express, DinersClub). Processing of card transactions at the point of sale is ensured via EMV (chip) technology, which minimizes the risk of fraud and creates a safe environment for payment cards usage.

In addition to standard EFT POS terminals, UniCredit Bank offers a possibility to equip merchants with mobile GPRS EFT POS terminals, which are not linked to constant power supply or a fixed telephone line, because communication is ensured via GPRS technology.

The fee for payment card acceptance and settlement deadline depend on the overall commercial relationship, while installation, renting and regular maintenance of standard EFT POS terminals are ensured free of charge.

Satisfaction of your customers - card holders - is our common goal!

Benefits of Card Acceptance
  • Increase in sales of products and services for the merchant
  • Simple and quick way of payment
  • Reducing operating risks and costs of cash manipulation
  • Contracting various types of payment – pay later purchase up to 24 installments with no interest or fees for card holder
  • Joint promotional campaigns at points of sale
  • Participating in prize games organised by the Bank
  • Access to reports on transactions via EFT POS devices via e-mail notifications on EFT POS transactions (on daily, weekly or two-week basis) or via post mail (twice a month)
Payment in installments with no interest or fees - benefits for business entities (merchants)

By contracting payment card acceptance for payment in installments via EFT POS terminals, the merchant gets the following benefits:

  • Payment risk is transferred to the bank - the merchant receives the authorised amount of money by the specified deadline, while the bank takes the risk of collection
  • Market diversification
  • Mechanism of attracting clients and increasing the sales
  • User-friendly functionality of Bank's EFT POS terminals (quick processing, no paperwork...)
  • Option of selling products and services up to 24 installments with no interest or fees for card holder
  • Cutting operating costs (payment in installments with no postage costs generated by forwarding agreements/slips, distribution and processing of agreements, monitoring, record-keeping, etc.)
  • Better quality of cash-flow management (settlement deadline starting from the transaction date, not the date of agreement receipt by the Bank)
  • Higher quality service of the business entity - a new and modern way of payment
  • Expanding the merchant's range of services toward card holders (more payment options)
  • The Bank serves as an optional channel of merchant's promotion (direct mailing, Bank's web site…)
  • Receiving reports on processed EFT POS transactions via merchant's e-mail address according to frequency which suits the merchant best (on daily, weekly or two-week basis)

Enter the world of payment cards - a world that opens up many opportunities and makes business easier!


E-commerce* UniCredit Bank ‘pay@web’ service enables merchants, who have online stores, to acquire and authorise customer card transactions in a protected web environment, while customers are enabled to use their cards safely when paying for goods and services via the Internet.

The system is based on 3-D Secure** standard, which currently offers a solution for credit and debit card payments in web environment, where in order to make a payment, the customer is required to additionally verify his/her identity as a confirmation that he/she is the genuine card holder.


Benefits of the pay@web service for online store owners
  • Your goods and services are available to all customers 24/7;
  • Your can decide in time whether you want to deliver the service to the customer or not;
  • The customer may pay for your goods and services in installments;
  • Your goods and services are available to customers worldwide;
  • List of transactions per web point of sale and card type.

Use UniCredit Bank 'pay@web' service and increase your profit via this new sale channel.

*e-commerce – Internet trading which enables merchants to sell their goods and services electronically, mostly via the Internet.

**3-D secure program - global standard for verifying authenticity of customers in the system of secure Internet transactions. Global payment systems - MasterCard and Visa - developed their own applications for safe shopping via the Internet, based on 3-D Secure model, MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa.

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