UniCredit Bank d.d. offers custody services to clients, including safekeeping of securities, settlement of securities transactions, income collection (dividend and interest), monitoring and reporting on corporate actions and other services in line with laws and regulations.

UniCredit Bank d.d. is the leading custody bank in the local capital market. The Global Securities Services department provides high-quality services, which may be tailored to fit client's requirements.

Which custody services are offered by UniCredit Bank?
  • Safekeeping Services – safekeeping of resident and non-resident private persons' and/or legal entities' assets
  • Settlement Services – Settlement of securities transactions
  • Corporate Actions & Proxy Voting – Monitoring and reporting on corporate actions of joint stock companies, as well as proxy voting in Shareholders' Meetings as per client instructions
  • Income Collection – Collecting of income generated by securities (dividends, interest)
  • Outbound Services – Support to local investment funds and institutional investors when investing into foreign markets via the UniCredit Group custody network.
  • Cash Management - Active cash management based on client instructions
  • Reporting Services - Reporting on assets balance, developments and results
  • Market Information – Providing information on current developments in the local market
Custody Clients
  • Global and regional custody banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment funds
  • Pension funds
  • Brokers
  • Other legal entities investing into securities
  • Other banks or institutional investors

For further details, please contact us at: custody@unicreditgroup.ba

Depository Bank Services/ NAV Calculation

Depository Bank provides the following services to investment funds: safekeeping of fund’s assets, maintenance of fund’s special accounts and other services in line with the law and regulations of FB&H Securities Commission (SEC).

These services are provided to fund management companies - joint stock company or limited liability company licenced by FB&H SEC to establish and manage investment funds.

UniCredit Bank d.d. is a driver of development in the segment of products and services for investment funds, which supports growth and development of the capital market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Which depository services does UniCredit Bank d.d. offer to investment funds?
  • Safekeeping of fund’s assets and maintenance of fund’s special accounts
  • Ensuring that sale and acquisition of the open-end investment fund stakes are executed in compliance with valid legislation
  • Acquisition and sale of open-end fund stakes, and payment to open-end investment fund stakeholders from the fund profit
  • Calculation of the net asset value of the closed-end fund shares or open-end fund stakes in line with valid legislation (NAV calculation)
  • Executing orders of the fund management company concerning transactions with securities and other assets belonging to the fund portfolio in line with applicable regulations, and ensuring that such transactions are settled, i.e. that cash receivables are collected within legal or contractual deadlines
  • Collection of all income and other rights in favour of the fund arising from its assets
  • Ensuring that fund’s income is used in line with regulations, and that costs paid by the fund are in compliance with relevant conditions defined by valid regulations
  • Providing other services covered by the relevant agreement with the fund management company in line with valid laws and regulations

For further information please contact: custody@unicreditgroup.ba

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