UniCredit Bank ensures safe and reliable liquidity management for your company and provides you with a quick and easy access to your funds kept in the accounts with our Bank. We offer competitive conditions for depositing your funds with UniCredit Bank.

Use our favourable conditions for holding deposits at sight with UniCredit Bank and manage  funds on your account according to your requirements.

Interest rate for deposits at sight is defined by the Decision on Interest Rates for Corporate Clients and at the moment it is 0.01% p.a.


For more details, please contact your Relationship Manager in UniCredit Bank.

You can entrust any surplus of funds to UniCredit Bank for any period of time and/or amount of funds and currency of your choice, and ensure additional, safe and reliable, yield for the funds deposited with our Bank. We offer interest payment according to your preferences/requirements.

The Bank has ensured that interest payment for term deposits fits your needs for the purpose of better liquidity management.

Method of Interest Payment
  • Upon maturity of a term deposit
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-annually
  • Annually
Types of term deposits with UniCredit Bank
  • BAM term deposit
  • BAM term deposit with foreign currency clause
  • Foreign currency clause term deposit

Term deposits

contracted as collateral for:

  • Loans of Corporate and/or Retail Clients
  • Letters of Credit
  • Guarantees
  • Cards
  • Licence Issuing
  • Other purposes.

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