The labour market is an ever-changing reality. Everyone is constantly looking for the best place to work, a place where their ideas do matter. At UniCredit we invest in your talent.
We provide a friendly and supportive work environment, where personal values are brought into play to bring about change. We value the balance between the office and what’s outside of it.
At UniCredit, behind each colleague is a person who is empowered to embrace their passions and accomplish their goals, both inside and outside the office.
You can be part of the horizon we build together, all in an international group where diversity is considered a resource.
A chance to fulfil your ambition, to make a difference.
To do what matters.


Human resources management has a strategic role and priority for UniCredit Bank, which results in a positive effect for our clients and community, strengthens our competitive advantage and classifies us every year into the top employers category.

If you are interested to start or continue your career in UniCredit Bank, you can make the first step here!

By sending your application via the link provided herein below, you will become one of potential candidates for jobs throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. In case we need an employee of your profile, we will be happy to contact you. Please take some time and complete the application with as many details as possible, while the potential benefit for you is much more valuable than a few minutes spent on completing the form.

By becoming an employee of UniCredit Bank, you get an opportunity to join the first real European bank, which:

  • operates in 17 European countries
  • has over 1,200 employees and 78 outlets in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • enjoys the reputation of one of the best employers in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • invests into development and education of its employees, because it is aware that human capital is the greatest value it possesses

Fundamental values of UniCredit Group - honesty, transparency, respect, reciprocity, freedom, and trust - guarantee providing of equal opportunities for growth and development to all our employees. – We offer you to become a part of our team!

Please send your completed Application Form to the e-mail address and put you name and surname into the Subject Line.

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