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UniCredit Foundation is a nonprofit corporate foundation that was established in 2003 in order to contribute to the development of solidarity and philanthropy in the communities and territories where UniCredit operates, primarily in the regions where UniCredit is present (17 countries including Europe and Central Asia). Through the transfer of financial resources and the typical management skills of a company, UniCredit Foundation supports projects of significant social impact and innovation, implemented by local nonprofit organizations.

UniCredit Foundation promotes a culture of volunteering and giving to the community through the

dedicated efforts of all the employees, encouraging their participation in social activities and projects.

UniCredit Foundation has been active in Bosnia and Herzegovina for several years now.

In 2012, UniCredit Foundation completed its first invitation for projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina related to social entrepreneurship and children protection in local communities and published selected organisations which were donated BAM 254.229.

In 2014, UniCredit Foundation published its second invitation for development of social entrepreneurship, through which it ensured BAM 117.000 for the three most successful business ideas. 

For more details, please visit the official site of UniCredit Foundation.

Gift Matching Program is an initiative, which encourages employees to make donations in order to support selected organisations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the project completion,  UniCredit Foundation doubles the collected amount, consequently organisations included into the program receive such increased donations. By participating in this noble initiative, employees of UniCredit Bank constantly confirm the bank's commitment to socially responsible business and make a significant contribution to our local community.

In 2011, we implemented a Play for Good project, which was launched by UniCredit Group as a part of our UEFA Champions League sponsorship, dedicated to promoting dialogue between UniCredit and local communities, by enabling employees to support local non-profit organisations. The Project was launched via a micro site, where all employees could register and participate in the game of guessing UEFA Champions League match results, starting from February 15th to the final match on May 28th 2011. After all matches were finished and winners announced, UniCredit Foundation converted the credits collected by 10 most successful colleagues into EUR currency and donated the amount to non-profit organisations chosen by the colleagues. Mr. Zadro KreŇ°o, UniCredit Bank employee was among 11 winners at UniCredit Group level and by winning 13.000 credits in the Play for Good initiative, he ensured a donation in the amount of EUR 13.000 for Los Rosales Center, Mostar (in August 2011).

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