Payments and Cash Collecting


Appreciating time of our clients, we offer efficient and quality execution of payment orders, by applying state-of-the-art technology in executing payment transactions.

What we offer?
  • Local payment orders are received on each working day within branch office working time.
  • All received payment orders are executed in the same banking day up to the amount of available funds in the account, regardless of the quantity of received orders.
  • Payments are credited to the account immediately upon receipt.
  • Incoming funds are available on the same banking day when received.
  • Based on the approved client's request, it is possible to deposit daily cash income in all our organisational units in favour of relevant transactional accounts opened in other organisational units of the Bank.
  • We provide account statements including data on previous account balance, detailed list of individual daily inflows and outflows, and final balance of the day.
We execute payment orders (received by the Branch Office) on the same day according to the following instructions

Payments to other local banks (Giro Clearing and RTGS):

  • Cut of time for order receipt (in any form) is12:00 h from Monday to Friday.
  • Orders received until 12:00 h will be processed with the same date value, which means that they have to be processed not later than 13:30 h on the same day if via Giro Clearing (GC) and 15:00 h if via RTGS.
  • Orders received after 12:00 h will be processed with the next day value and they have to be processed not later than the above-specified cut-off times.

Payments to Bank's clients:

  • Cut of time is 15:00 h from Monday to Saturday with the same day value, meaning that orders have to be processed (input to the Application) by 19:00 h.

Orders received via Internet Banking are executed on the same day according to the following instructions
  • For payments to other local banks, the cut off time is 14:00 h via Giro Clearing and 15:30 h via RTGS This type of orders may be issued from Monday to Friday. Orders specified as urgent are executed via RTGS.
  • For payments in favour of Bank's clients (intrabank orders), cut-off time is 18:00 h from Monday to Saturday.


We offer international payment services to our clients according to top global standards.

Payments Abroad

Each order for payment abroad (provided it meets legal requirements and has adequate cover) received by any of our branch offices until 13:00 h is executed on the same day, excluding Saturdays, when received orders are processed on the next banking day.

For payments abroad or to a local non-resident account, it is necessary to:

  • submit a correct payment order (Cross-border Payment Order - Form 1450 )
  • invoice, pro-forma invoice, or contract based on which the payment is made
  • ensure a cover for the payment.

You can deliver your payment orders:

  • via Internet Banking
  • to UniCredit Bank branch offices

Useful tips:

When completing the Form 1450, please specify Beneficiary's IBAN and SWIFT code of the Beneficiary Bank in order to avoid any further costs of foreign banks. After the payment is made, the Bank can send, at your request, a copy of SWIFT (payment confirmation) via fax or e-mail.

Cut-off times:

Orders received by Cross-border Payments Unit will be processed on the same day as follows:

In case of standard processing with value date T+2 banking days:

  • Cross-border payment orders received in a written form by 14:00 h;
  • Cross-border payment orders received in e-form by 15:00 h;

In case of processing with value date T+1 banking day (not subject to FlashPayment System):

  • Cross-border payment orders received in a written form by 12:00 h;
  • Cross-border payment orders received in e-form by 13:00 h;

In case of processing with value date T+0:

  • Cross-border payment orders received in a written form by 11:00 h;
  • Cross-border payment orders received in e-form by 12:00 h;


Payments from Abroad

Incoming cross-border payments in favour of our clients are processed by the Bank according to the received value dates if all data of the payment order are correct.

For incoming FX payments, please provide your counterparts with the following details:

  • Full name and address of the Beneficiary
  • IBAN or account number
  • SWIFT BIC of UniCredit Bank d.d.(UNCRBA22)

Cross-border payments (incoming and/or outgoing) are subject to UniCredit Bank Terms and Conditions for Cross-border Payments.

Flash Payment

Flash Payment ensures crediting of the Beneficiary's account on the same day if:

  • Beneficiary's (Receiving party) account is kept with a member bank of UniCredit Group
  • containing Beneficiary's IBAN and BIC
  • payment currency EUR or HRK (in favour of Zagrebačka banka)
  • payment orders received via Internet Banking by 13:00 h
Fees for Local FX Payments

Payment fees are charged from your transactional account at the moment of order execution. The amount of the fee charged is specified in the account statement together with the payment order number, which it is based on.

The Bank charges fees and other costs in line with UniCredit Bank Decision on Tariff of Services, valid at the moment of payment order execution, or in line with the relevant Bank/Client Relationship Agreement.


UniCredit Bank honours foreign bank cheques at all its counters.

Key Terms

BIC - Bank Identifier Code or SWIFT address is a bank unique international code/address.

IBAN - International Bank Account Number is a unique international identifier of the client's bank account. IBAN is one of key prerequisites for automated payment processing by EU banks. If no IBAN is specified in the payment order, extra processing costs are charged. If you send your payment orders in e-form, please insert IBAN without spaces or blank fields, while in hard-copy forms every four digits of IBAN have to be separated by a blank field.


FlashPayment enables quick, efficient and inexpensive cross-border payments to countries/banks - members of UniCredit Group.

Benefits of FlashPayment
  • more efficient funds transfer between the sending and receiving party having accounts with UniCredit Group member banks
  • guaranteed crediting of the receiving party's account with the same day value or next day value at the latest, depending on the receipt time
    • orders received until 13:00 h will be executed with T+0 value date
    • orders received after 13:00 h will be executed on the next banking day with T+0 value date
  • cross-border incoming payments (depending on the sending party's country) are processed with the same day value or next day value at the latest*
  • any payment order, which meets the specified pre-conditions, is executed as a FlashPayment without any special request and at no further costs for T+0 value date

* UniCredit Group member banks in Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria send payments to B&H with the same (banking) day value. UniCredit Group member banks from other countries send payments to B&H with the next day value.

Preconditions for cross-border incoming/outgoing payment
  • receiving/sending party's account is kept with a member bank of UniCredit Group
  • payment currency is EUR or HRK*
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (SWIFT address) are included
  • Cross-border payment orders received via Internet Banking for corporate clients

*Exclusively in favour of accounts kept with Zagrebačka Banka d.d. (ZABAHR2X)


European Gate – Your gate to Europe!


European Gate is a type of Internet Banking, i.e. the system which enables large cross-border companies to make payments on behalf and for the account of their subsidiaries operating in any of the 17 European countries where UniCredit Group is present through its member banks.

Challenge Solution EuropeanGate supports

By expanding to foreign markets it becomes necessary to control/manage cross-border subsidiaries

Centralised transaction management (payment factory)


Centralised transaction management requires multichannel integration with the Bank/country

Single channel of integration with the Bank for all countries Yes

  Each country has its own payment order format

The Bank is able to convert and process any format of the payment order Yes

   Various bank accounts require individualised authorisation process on the client's side

  Only one authorisation process, simple procedures and customer support for all countries


E-commerce* UniCredit Bank ‘pay@web’ service enables merchants, who have online stores, to acquire and authorise customer card transactions in a protected web environment, while customers are enabled to use their cards safely when paying for goods and services via the Internet.

The system is based on 3-D Secure** standard, which currently offers a solution for credit and debit card payments in web environment, where in order to make a payment, the customer is required to additionally verify his/her identity as a confirmation that he/she is the genuine card holder.


Benefits of the pay@web service for online store owners
  • Your goods and services are available to all customers 24/7;
  • Your can decide in time whether you want to deliver the service to the customer or not;
  • The customer may pay for your goods and services in installments;
  • Your goods and services are available to customers worldwide;
  • List of transactions per web point of sale and card type.

Use UniCredit Bank 'pay@web' service and increase your profit via this new sale channel.

*e-commerce – Internet trading which enables merchants to sell their goods and services electronically, mostly via the Internet.

**3-D secure program - global standard for verifying authenticity of customers in the system of secure Internet transactions. Global payment systems - MasterCard and Visa - developed their own applications for safe shopping via the Internet, based on 3-D Secure model, MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa.

Our products for Financial Institutions are available to insurance and leasing companies, as well as microcredit organisations, but not to banks.

If you are a banking institution, please send your inquiry to our Correspondent Banking contact address:

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