Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

Advising of strategic partners when implementing mergers and acquisitions in the local market.

Mergers mean advising for strategic partners and management in case when they want to merge with a certain company in order to create added value.

The benefit of such merger of two companies is creating added value and boosting competitiveness. The value of the new company has to be larger than the sum of two pre-merger companies.

Mergers are a very complex process, which in average takes 2-6 months, depending on the process complexity itself.

Acquisitions mean advising on the buyer's side, which is provided to regional and global strategic investors when acquiring companies.

An added value for the client is that the overall process, starting from contacting potential companies to be acquired, through due diligence, and up to the very transaction closing, is done by the Bank, which acts as a financial advisor.

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Sales mean representing a client in selling its equity stake, including governments, agencies and large corporations.

The Bank, as the financial advisor, carries out the overall sale process for the client, starting from a search for potential buyers up to the transaction closing.

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Privatisation is a process of transferring assets, i.e. capital from public (government) to private ownership. In a more general context, this includes private management of state-owned assets.

Privatisation triggers new investments, new equipment and technology, new markets, better efficiency of the privatised company, production growth, new employments, higher quality of the living standard.

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