Long-term Loans

UniCredit Bank offers a possibility of investing into fixed assets, such purchase, construction, expansion or modernisation of client's production and service capacities. For business financing purposes, long term loans can be used for various purposes such as purchasing of permanent working capital, purchasing of equipment, vehicles or other durable goods, or financing investment projects. Loans maturity period may be different, depending on the nature of the transaction or project.

Long-term Loan to Finance Investments into Fixed Assets

For investment or business development, to expand your business, to construct new plants, to up-grade technology, to boost competitiveness, we can support you with long term loan for finance investments into fixed assets. Loan amount, maturity and other conditions are tailored depending on project type or funding purpose.

LT WC Loan to Finance Permanent Working Capital

UniCredit Bank offers a long-term working capital loan to fund investments into permanent working capital as a support to the company’s financial base required for dedicated commercial activities. This type of loan is available for investment purposes, in particular for considerable expansion of production or sales capacities, for improvement of the balance sheet structure, as well as to finance permanent inventory, depending on business type and production cycle period. Loan amount, repayment and maturity depend on client's requirements and funding purpose.

Our products for Financial Institutions are available to insurance and leasing companies, as well as microcredit organisations, but not to banks.

If you are a banking institution, please send your inquiry to our Correspondent Banking contact address: correspondentbanking@unicreditgroup.ba

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