Open Savings

Want to set aside a smaller amount for saving, but at the same time achieve a higher income return? With open savings you are free to enjoy the fruits of your labor whenever you want.

Open savings allow subsequent, multiple payments to your savings deposit as well as periodic use of the funds during the deposit period. This product is specially tailored for you if you want to save money, while enjoying flexibility of your saving deposit period.

Main Features:

  • Optional term deposits in BAM, EUR and USD, according to your choice of amount and maturity period;
  • Low initial deposit amount of BAM 50, EUR 25 or equivalent in another currency;
  • Range of deposit periods from 3 to 60 months;
  • Your preferred dynamics and amounts of savings;
  • By a greater number of deposits you earn greater yield of interest;
  • Periodic payments once every three months;
  • Automatic renewal of the term deposit for the same period and under the conditions applicable on the first working day after the expiry of the agreed period.
  • Possibility of contracting a term deposit in any Branch Office of the Bank.
  • If you sign up for an Open Savings plan, you get a free of charge standing order service, so that you can save according to your preferred dynamics and savings periods, without having to come to the Bank. By using e-ba (Internet banking) or m-ba (mobile banking) services, you can make payments to your Open Savings account in a fast, flexible, and simple manner from any location 24/7.

In case of a premature withdrawal of your Open Savings deposit, the applicable interest rate will be applied, valid as of the first achieved deposit period and the total number of days until the deposit withdrawal. For each payment a new interest rate is applied, according to the achieved deposit period (time period of the deposit held with the Bank) and total balance of the account.

Please find below the list of interest rates valid as of 01/03/2018:

Interest rates valid as of 01/03/2018

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