MODULA Basic package

4.00 BAM 4.00 BAM
Basic Package

You can build your own package according to your needs and wishes! Calculation is done with a basic package of BAM 4.00 BAM

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  • Electronic payments

    Included in this price is unlimited number of inter-Bank transactions of domestic payments within one month.

    BAM 1.80 / Monthly

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  • Internet banking (e-ba)

    Experience all the benefits of our state-of-the-art services and sign up for e-ba at UniCredit Bank branches.

    BAM 0.00 / Monthly

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  • Gold Debit Mastercard

    If your lifestyle is characterized with travelling, select Gold MasterCard card and enjoy special treatment as well as numerous privileges.

    BAM 0.50 / Monthly

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  • Visa Classic

    Credit card for purchases and cash-withdrawals around the world which, apart from interest-free deferred payment, also offers a set of additional benefits.

    BAM 2.20 / Monthly

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  • Visa Revolving

    Quick and simple purchases or cash-withdrawals; they offer the possibility of debt servicing according to client’s abilities and preferences.

    BAM 2.20 / Monthly

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  • Mastercard International

    You can access funds in your foreign-currency (FX) account in a fast and simple manner, using Mastercard International card linked to a currency of your choice.

    BAM 0.00 / Monthly

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  • Foreign currency/Savings account

    Depending on your preferences, select both Foreign currency and Savings account or one of them, each for a price of BAM 1.00 a month.

    BAM 1.00 / Monthly

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  • Cash-withdrawal with Debit Mastercard card at ATMs of UniCredit Group (free of charge)

    The possibility of cash-withdrawal at Group's ATMs with DMC cards free of charge (the charge for conversion is charged according to the Bank's Tariff).

    BAM 1.00 / Monthly

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MODULA Basic package 4.00 BAM

  • Electronic payments - BAM

  • Internet banking (e-ba) - BAM

  • Gold Debit Mastercard - BAM

  • Visa Classic - BAM

  • Visa Revolving - BAM

  • Mastercard International - BAM

  • Foreign currency/Savings account - BAM

  • Cash-withdrawal with Debit Mastercard card at ATMs of UniCredit Group (free of charge) - BAM



Consistent with his/her own needs, the client can, in addition to the above mentioned products and services, also select additional cards at the following prices:

Debit Mastercard 0.05 BAM
Mastercard International 0.05 BAM
Zlatna Debit Mastercard 0.15 BAM
Visa Classic 1.00 BAM
VISA Revolving 1.00 BAM


The package price for all existing Mastercard Revolving card users is 2,20 BAM and Visa Gold card users 3,30 BAM.

*The calculation is of informative nature and it is shown pursuant to the General Business Terms and Conditions, whereby the Bank reserves the right to modify provisions of the mentioned document.

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