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Get lower fees for paying your bills

We offer you a solution

By using our e-banking/m-banking services, you can save money on fees for payment of bills and utilities. You can save up to 80% by paying bills via e-ba and m-ba compared to payment via Bank counters. 

Apart from this, your will save time necessary to make these transactions. Check out your account balances and transactions, make payments and transfers 24/7, from any location in the country and abroad via a computer connected to the Internet.

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I want an easier way for controlling payment of my bills and utilities

We offer you a solution

Do you keep your receipts from the Bank counters as proof of bills payment? Have you piled up paper receipts in the drawer?

If you make payments via our e-banking/m-banking services, your receipts are saved in the application itself and you can easily search, forward, or print them, if necessary. 

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I want a faster access to cash

We offer you a solution

Don't waste time queuing at the Bank branches, when you can use the most widespread ATM network in Bosnia and Herzegovina! You are able to make instant and simple pay-in/pay-out transactions, to check your account balance and even to buy a prepaid ticket for your mobile device.

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