Loans for Housing Construction Projects

Due to cooperation with apartment constructing investors, special lending terms and conditions have been provided.

Investor Tibra Pacific d.o.o. Kiseljak was incorporated in 2003 as a private capital company, which has been more than successful in the building construction industry ever since.

Listening to market demands, Tibra Pacific d.o.o. has been designing comfortable apartments with a concept of modern urban living to the satisfaction of its customers and as such the company has taken a very responsible role of the investor and constructor.

Marketing of the products - high-quality apartments and commercial premises - is done by the Investor itself.

In the construction product portfolio, the following residential and commercial buildings stand out in Sarajevo area: Buća Potok – Otoka Sarajevo and Nukleus Nedžarići – TIBRA 1 Sarajevo.

In 2015, Tibra Pacific d.o.o. founded an associated company  Nova Otoka d.o.o. Kiseljak, which is constructing a residential building in Sarajevo city area.

Project: Nova Otoka

Location: Džemala Bijedića 129, 71 000 Sarajevo

Contact Details:

Džemala Bijedića 129, 71 000 Sarajevo

Tel.: + 387 33 713 950

Tel.: + 387 33 762 222

Mobile: + 387 61 697 599

Mobile: + 387 63 503 378

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