Loans for Housing Construction Projects

Due to cooperation with apartment constructing investors, special lending terms and conditions have been provided.

Investor Tibra Pacific d.o.o. Kiseljak was incorporated in 2003 as a private capital company, which has been more than successful in the building construction industry ever since.

Listening to market demands, Tibra Pacific d.o.o. has been designing comfortable apartments with a concept of modern urban living to the satisfaction of its customers and as such the company has taken a very responsible role of the investor and constructor.

Marketing of the products - high-quality apartments and commercial premises - is done by the Investor itself.

In the construction product portfolio, the following residential and commercial buildings stand out in Sarajevo area: Buća Potok – Otoka Sarajevo and Nukleus Nedžarići – TIBRA 1 Sarajevo.

In 2015, Tibra Pacific d.o.o. founded an associated company  Nova Otoka d.o.o. Kiseljak, which is constructing a residential building in Sarajevo city area.

Project: Nova Otoka

Location: Džemala Bijedića 129, 71 000 Sarajevo

Contact Details:

Džemala Bijedića 129, 71 000 Sarajevo

Tel.: + 387 33 713 950

Tel.: + 387 33 762 222

Mobile: + 387 61 697 599

Mobile: + 387 63 503 378

Penny plus d.o.o. Sarajevo is a limited liability company registered for export and import, wholesale and retail trade, production and services, headquartered in Sarajevo, incorporated in1996. The core business of the company is wholesale and retail trade and distribution of food and non-food products, building materials, plumbing, electric, plastic, tile, drywall, sanitary ware, tools, laminates, timber, insulation, equipment for wall painting, paints and varnishes, wallpapers, iron, household supplies, fitness and bodybuilding equipment, hairdresser equipment, gardening program, etc., as well as consumer goods, food items, hygiene, home appliances and textiles.

Project: STUP 1

Location: Munira Gavrankapetanovića 106 (Stup), 71 000 Sarajevo


Investor Contact Details

Address: Igmanska bb, 71 320 Vogošća - Sarajevo

Tel.: +387 33 222 226

Fax.: +387 33 467 820

Mobile: +387 62 345 042




Contact Person: Ms. Anesa Zeljković


Official Sale Agent Elico Agency

Address: Gazi Husrev-begova 58, 71 000 Sarajevo

Tel.: +387 33 922 922

Mobile: +387 61 177 133


Contact Person: Mr. Amar Kamber

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