Lombard Loan

The loan is collateralised exclusively by a term deposit owned by the Borrower or an another person.

If you have cash available to be deposited as a term deposit, while you also want a simple and quick loan approval, the Lombard Loan is the right product for you.

Loan Features:

  • The loan amount is equal to the dedicated term deposit, provided the deposit currency is EUR or BAM;
  • It is possible to make your deposit as an interest-bearing or non-interest-bearing one;
  • Your deposit serves as the only collateral;

Key Details on Interest Rate and Effective Interest Rate:

Loan amount (BAM) Tenor
Interest Rate

EIR for FB&H and BD*

EIR for RS*
For non-interest bearing deposit Depends on the deposit amount up to 10  2% 2,23% 2,31%
For interest bearing deposit Depends on the deposit amount up to 10 2,5p.p.
above the deposit interest rate
5,87% 5,97%


*Effective interest rate - EIR is the interest rate which reflects all loan-related costs, including regular and intercalary interest calculated based on the total loan amount of BAM 50.000 and maximum repayment period.

The difference between EIR calculation formula in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina/Brčko District and Republic of Srpska derives from different legal regulations, which define costs to be included into EIR.

EIR calculation in the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Brčko District includes loan processing fee, loan account maintenance fee, insurance policy (life insurance, loan repayment insurance and/or real estate insurance), as well as current account opening and maintenance fees.


EIR calculation in the territory of RS, in addition to the above-mentioned costs, also includes the costs of securities (bills of exchange, seizure consents, mortgage procedure costs).

For more details, please check the Information Sheets:

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